Browned off, bewildered, bored or burned out?

Want a holiday with a difference?

Why not combine a holiday on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast with personal music tuition?

Why not combine a holiday in Paradise with an intense music session at Fingerstyle studios? Here are some of the ways personal tuition can help you...

  • Five-string banjo tuition
  • Mandolin tuition
  • Acoustic guitar tuition
  • General Musicianship
  • Group Workshops
  • Tuition Tips Online - New!

Five-string banjo tuition ...

Four different styles to choose from -

  • Mountain
  • Bluegrass
  • Melodic
  • Back-up banjo

Whether you're pickin' on the back porch or want to set the world on fire, Fingerstyle has personal tuition or a video series to suit you.

Mandolin tuition ...

Mandolin for beginners - quick start lessons during your holidays or regular tuition. Easy chords for singalongs, chop chords for bluegrass , double stops, theory made practical, and of course lots of easy tunes to get you started! Have fun while you learn this delicate but gutsy little instrument!

Listen to an MP3 of Wendy playing Whisky Before Breakfast on mandolin with down-the-neck banjo back-up on the Fingerstyle Music Player.

Acoustic guitar tuition ...

Country, Blues, Modern, Folk, what ever your bag, enjoy making music !

  • Fingerpicking - solo or accompaniment
  • Rhythm and Percussive styles
  • Bottleneck Slide
  • Dropped & Open Tunings


  • General Musicianship
  • Song deconstruction, and memorising methods
  • Theory and quick-result formulas
  • Ear training techniques
  • How to project an image
  • Selecting the right song to suit your voice and image; building repertoire
  • Stage-craft, technical know-how, studio prep’ work and how to plan your own demos, CD, or video project.
  • Jam Session Tips

Group Workshops

  • Regular Workshops with fellow music lovers
  • Regular jam sessions to suit all levels of experience
  • Technology On-Side - using your PC for practice, creativity and recording


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