Band in a Box files


Free bluegrass practice files to load using your Band in a Box software program!
What is Band In a Box? (link to accessories/BIB)

Over 200 band-in-a-box song files, already prepared, and ready to download. Play all your favourite tunes with the benefit of a backing band that never gets bored!

Instructions for downloading and unzipping your files:

Step 1: Make a new folder in your computer ready to receive these song files
Step 2: Download the song files into the folder (it's compacted so it's quick!).
Step 3: Double click on the zip file in your folder. This will open in your default zip program. Highlight all files and choose "Extract".
Step 4: Open your (previously installed) band-in-a-box program
Step 5: Click on File/Open and find the folder. Choose a song file, click to open.
Step 6: Press 'Play' and hey presto! Your own backing band that keeps time, as fast or slow as you choose, as many times as you like!

And you can change the key, change the speed, choose the number of repeats, select specific measures to loop for extra practice, and mute out instruments you don't want to hear.
Get with the program and have fun while you Speed Your Progress!
(Note: These files were prepared on 2005 version. Styles of backing bands may vary between versions of BIB - in this case, BIB will nominate an alternative backing band style that's close. It'll still work.)