Peter Slapa bought the Maton EBG808 Custom Artist through Fingerstyle and is delighted. Hear a variety of Peter's fantastic guitar picking on his myspace site ... He also brought a Maton Tommy Emanuel Custom.

How are you? Thank you for my lovely Maton! I've been playing guitar for 8 years, but it all began in May 2005, when I first heard great Tommy Emmanuel. I used to play electric, but now I play only acoustic mostly fingerstyle. I'm a guitar teacher, and I play gigs - solo or with vocalist. It's really hard to make money in Poland by playing music and do it for a living. I love blues, country, jazz, rock music and I know some Australian guitarist like Kieran Murphy, Bruce Mathiske, Michael Fix - they are great! I played my first gig on new Maton on sunday. This guitar is a real treasure, it sounds better than all Matons I have played on.
Thank you for everything! Piotr Slapa Warsaw, POLAND

How very refreshing to see a lovely Aussie site.

Your musical holidays look terrific.
Take care and please keep up your excellent work - may you continue to pick and play for many a year.
Peter Dansie UK

Just a quick note to update you…

Your Pre-loved OME banjo is still getting daily exercise, being cared for and sounding great. I am taking it to University as often as practicality allows and playing heaps of backup for those folk/bluegrass songs such as blackberry blossom, flowers of ed, june apple, etc. Thanks again for supplying me a quality instrument. Brent. Wollongong, NSW.



Recently I purchased the Mountain Banjo and the Beginning Bluegrass Banjo series from you.

They are fantastic! I am learning well and having fun. I would like to purchase the remaining Banjo DVD’s that you have listed on your website as well as the Fingerpicking Guitar DVD. Adam Jefferson

Midnight Storm is awesome and sounds sweet! Thanks, Cameron.







Wow, thanks Wendy, no wonder everybody is keen to recommend you! You certainly are most helpful.


Wendy, Your timing is great. Both on the Banjo and Computer. Your DVD came today and I sat down and watched from beginning to end. Your approach to learning the chords and where they is great. I have read about the G, D, and Barre forms and the number of frets between them but I was having a problem applying it. Great Job. It will give me a method to practice with. I also love your different Vamping methods. I would like to order Volume 3. One thing I was disappointed with is you didn't wear your hat in the Video. I was looking forward to seeing you in it :o). Best Regards TED (Arizona, USA)

Re. workshops

Many thanks for a great afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you also for the lunch. It was also very good to meet up with new people and I hope we'll all meet again at the various music week-ends etc. You have a talent for teaching - I recognised that at your Imbil workshops.
Keep up the good work. Tony, Pine Mountain, QLD


"... really looking forward to everything that is coming up! The workshops have given me so much. The last one, capos and their uses have put me to work on the guitar to work out where I can put the capo and what chord family I can use. I prefer to use the A Chord family and worked out if I put the capo on the 3rd fret, I can play the A Chord family in the key of C! Magic! I have also created my first solo on mountain banjo! Yvonne, Ipswich, QLD







Wendy, I wanted you to know that I have been thru the Workshop Back up DVD's at least 6 or 7 times each.

First time with my Banjo in hand. The second, third, fourth etc. with a pad and paper taking notes.
There is a lot of Great info there. Your DVD's have already put me on a different level of playing (for the better). I'm using the metronome much more and see the difference in my timing (so other folks have said).
Keep up the Great work & thank you again for the Workshop DVD's. Ted, Arizona, USA

Just want to thank you for all your help and encouragement over the years...

this concert was for me the culmination of 4 years of blood, sweat and toil, and I now feel that its all been worthwhile and that I can make a go of singing and playing banjo...!!! Thanks heaps again, Wen...!!! Stef, Balingup, WA

Lovely Wendy,

the banjo arrived safe and sound yesterday - thank you. It is soooo beautiful! Anna, Rockingham, QLD


Brilliant, so much better than I expected, so fantastic, I am so glad I did not buy the chinese made type, even as a novice I can tell the difference, yaa hoo. Thank you so much. All Received OK today. I've been picking, and my kids of course have also. Soooo Excited. It is very beautiful, I am ever so happy. Bob Bailey, Withcott QLD

I've bought a lot of dvd lessons on how to play like this and that, lick library etc etc, they have kept me happy,but not what I needed.

Your (fingerpicking guitar) DVD is great just what I have wanted all along. I might be going back to basics but with the 12 pattern picks and every thing explained perfectly and easy ,and not rushed through like other dvds I dont think anybody could go wrong with your dvd . Steve, Gorokon, NSW



Re Band-in-a-Box files downloaded from the Fingerstyle website:

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these songs. Makes learning to play so much easier.
Doug Adams, USA



Looking at your webpage it seems that you take great pride in your instruments and that is the type of place where I would like mine to end up.

Thank you for all of your help as well!!! It is much appreciated. Dan, Boston MA, USA

Wendy, ohh wow!! what more can I say?

I am so impressed! Not only with the beaut instrument (it is in such good condition), but with the overall excellent and professional service and attention to detail your company has provided. For this I am very thankful. I can't wait to hand it over to its new owner tonight - he honestly has no idea what he is getting. Thanks again for your help and timely delivery of this really groovy instrument, my daughter and I play the violin, and I can just see that the addition of banjo will make for many happy moments to come. Warm regards, Alecia, Lakes Entrance, VIC

Just to let you know that my banjo arrived safe and well. It is really beautiful so once again thanks. Jon, Sydney.

On receiving his new Stuart Newman Open-back...

I'm very happy thus far and will be, this is a great little instrument with loads of personality and pluck. Its a fine instrument with a lovely feel, a great mellow earthy/woody sound. James. Nanango, QLD