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Testamonials 2008

3 generations in this pic - Alan (holding Deering John Hartford), his grandson, called Banjo (!) and Banjo's playing a banjo owned by Alan's grandfather.

Wendy and the Strawberry Pickers, Sore Fingers, UK.

Wendy Holman and Dave Helens, Redlands Festival.

Hi fashion - Tassy hillbilly style. Go boys, go!

Here are some of the nice things (and some whacky things!) recorded by banjo folk about the Fingerstyle DVDs, products, banjos and workshops. Cheers! Wendy.

Intelli Clip-On Tuner
Just wanted to let you know I love the new tuner. I tuned my banjo infront of a speaker last night. Whoo hoo! I like the fact that I can leave it on while I am playing and if something is a little out it can be fixed. Brilliant. (Kate Kelly, QLD)

Slider Strap
...it holds the banjo in position so I'm not supporting the neck.
I used it last night on stage for the first time. It does make a difference. (Kate Kelly, QLD)

I've mastered the new pro picks and I think they provide a whole new sound (Kim, Brisbane)

I absolutely love the new thumb and finger picks. As soon as I put them on and started playing Bill came around the corner and said that he could notice a difference already. They are so much easier to use. (Kathryn, Esk, QLD)

...all the girls said they would love a thumb pick like mine - if you are still getting them. (Helen, SA)

These things are the ducks guts! Talk about slick! Could you send one more fingerpick please then I'm kitted out for guitar too.
(John, Sydney)

...am a lot happier with the 'Band in a Box' now that I can sort out the instruments better - I can't believe I missed the dialogue for those little boxes! (Helen, SA)

Banjo and Guitar DVDs
Your Dvd you sent was great. Wondering if you had any more on fingerstyle guitar, you mentioned short courses? (Leanne, QLD)

I have had a look through your training DVD and it is very good. Getting such a project to completion must be a very time consuming business – you should include a “blooper” reel – just to reassure the rest of us a bit. (Alan, SA)

My banjo is coming along nicely...I'm on a roll (pardon the pun...) ...a bit slow, but its all there...!!! Put me down for 3 & 4 of Back Up Banjo too please... (Stef, WA)

Your v/tapes and DVD have helped me greatly. I think I've driven my family and friends "around the bend" with my "Mountain Style & Bluegrass" learning! Hope to be coming up to Imbil festival with my wife and hopefully be in on your "workshop" (M&I, QLD)

The DVD's make it very easy to learn with and you go into great detail with the slow playing and zooming in on the fret hand when needed. Good stuff, Wendy. (Mark, VIC)

I just started watching your DVD's ("Pickin' Like Crazy")last night. Tonight I will have my banjo out and begin to absorb some of your style. You are a very diverse player! My style has been fairly narrow, probably because most of my performance playing was as a guitar player. I have never learned the mountain strum style which you demonstrate so clearly, even tho the style was born in the mountains near my home. It took an Australian lady to get me inspired! Thanks. (Edward, Kentucky USA)

Thanks for the tips Wendy, and thanks for the videos too. They're extremely practical and easy to follow. Patrick Coogee, NSW

Like many other aspiring bluegrass exponents I've had a lot of fun learning 3-fingerpicking from Wendy Holman's excellent video. Parts of it have even helped me with my guitar and Dobro playing! Hamish - Sweden

I have been having an absolute ball with your latest received videos -just love it...the only problem now is that I can't put my banjo down- forget the Tenor and Mandolin! Mike - Sydney

I must say I am quite impressed...love your arrangement of Waltzing Matilda. Its a great piece for me to show off my Aussie banjo. I am extremely grateful for the time and consideration that you have given me during my "adventure". Eric - USA

...the content and quality are right up there with the Acu Tab vids fromU.S. Id on't know of any other person doing what you are here in Oz. You'd have to be well pleased with the results. The up the neck progressions are excellent. Derick - Adelaide

I am absolutely 100% behind your idea of Back-Up Banjo... great stuff and essential for learning backing techniques. Keep up the good work Wendy - you have at least one very strong supporter albeit a few thousand miles away. John- Vietnam

We were talking to this guy whose two teenage boys have turned out to be bluegrass whizzes --the younger a banjo player and the older a guitarist. Their father Neal from Yarralumla said he learned from this "real good woman in Queanbeyan"and he and Bob and I all said "Wendy Holman" in unison! Then he told the story of this other banjo player called Tim who also does shooting, and he was out on a shooting range one day and heard a distant banjo and it was--yes Wendy Holman playing up a streak on someone's front porch! So there you go, your fame has spread. Peggy Canberra Thanks, Peggy, I'm going to have to buy a mute! Wendy.

BUB Series
The DVD's are excellent - Gold Dust :) lots of solid theory, technique and licks and tricks. I am dividing my time between that and Tony Trishkas Melodic Banjo book (I really like melodic style banjo tunes). (Toby, UK)

Took the banjo along to a gig on Cup day and put a few new techniques into action. I'm starting to vamp along to different songs in different keys (just three, sometimes four, major chords at the moment) and trying different chord shapes. It is all starting to fall into place! (Kate, QLD)

Love the back up DVD! I sat down and watched it all of the way through - twice! (Mel, VIC)

Sitting here watching the DVD - what a gas! And Gold Rush too, beauty mate! Wow you really can play that ol' banjo - gonna knock 'em dead at SF... Thank you very much! (Hamish, SWEDEN)

Workshops & Tuition
...like the whiteswallow banjo [southern cross is it ],it really does sound very good.you are a very clean professional player,great to hear you playing.thanks again for the dvd`s ,i know i will learn a lot. (Ian, Toowoomba)

Will keep in touch with your site to keep up to date for my next visit which may be next year(ish). Love your playing. (Martin, Coffs)

We all had a good time and it was non-stop discussions all the way back. I am pleased we made a positive contribution and more pleased that you thought it sounded good. The licks etc. that you gave me and explained will definitely help. (Geoff, Childers, QLD)

Er Wen - ummmmm, aaaaah you know that tune leaftlet left on the table, well ahhh - it was mine (I'm ducking for cover now!). (Yvonne, Ipswich)

...to say how utterly disappointed I am to find that you are based in Nambour and run what seem to be great workshops. I was just up there staying with a friend and spent the whole week mowing her lawn etc - could have been picking a banjo with you guys! (John C, TAS - see pic)

Took some photos - thought you probably know who they are - jpg1: 2 fellows - one tall with short beard and glasses playing mandolin or guitar. Other one playing new mandolin first up, then playing banjo. jpg2: Fellow with a grey beard and a cap playing a harpsichord(?) (Yvonne, QLD)

Another very successful workshop Wen, I had a great day, thoroughly enjoyed myself. I find getting together with all of the others and seeing them really enjoying their playing very inspiring. Blows me away how you manage to involve everyone Wen! While you were cooking lunch I tried to get everyone playing Old Joe Clark and of course soon discovered that even something relatively simple like playing it in A was difficult because we earlier played it in G! Don't know how you do, I take my hat off to ya... (Dave, Sunshine Coast)

... had a wonderful time-will do more of it when we come home. Did you find a spare tuner laying around? (Brian, Miles, QLD)

This tune (Foggy Mountain Special) is working wonders for my syncopation and learning to listen. Depending on what time we have, could I have a guitar lesson as well? P.S. After telling me my shirt was inside out, I forgot to change it!!!!! Had to change it when I had a pitstop at the Dam. Sometimes I worry myself!!!! (Yvonne, Ipswich)

You and Rob look especially cool, I reckon (you never like photos of yourself, I think - but I don't look awful either - ta very much for sending it). I really had a blast this year and most of the good times are down to the band get togethers and the feeling that we did a good job on the stage there. (Sue, UK - see pic)

Just rec'd your comments and printed tab re CSB...Thanks for your enthusiasm re my efforts...I feel very chuffed...your twiddly bits are great...the only bit I'm labouring with is bar 26 where you use a D7 'brush' as opposed to my D7 'gun slin-ger'... more practice I guess... (Stef, WA)

And About Their Banjos...
The (make) arrived safely and looks and sounds terrific. I have a lot of work ahead of me to do justice to this instrument – thank you again for your help and advice on selection. (Brett, Wollongong)

The (make) is in beautiful shape and in tune, haven't done much in the last 6 months but am glad to say now have renewed enthusiasm! (Mike, SA)

I love this banjo, it looks and sounds fantastic. I’ve been watching you on dvd and picking as much as possible - looking forward to one of your workshops, I know I’ll get a lot out of it. (Manny, QLD)

Ooops! Sorry for not letting you know. it arrived Thursday. It's exactly what I wanted.i've been so busy playing it forgot to email.Thanks for all your advice, Wendy (Martin, Gosford)

Got the (make). feels quite heavy to other brands I have picked up in stores. great tone(brass ring) only problem is the bloke hanging off the end of it. Live in hillbilly country Mareeba NQ. Spoke to a bloke in a bush band and he just said it would happen 1 day if I kept going. Thanks for taking the time to help. (Col, QLD)


Aussie pickers from left Travis Collins, Josh Grundy, the late Adam Greeney and Laurie Grundy at the Bluegrass Boys reunion festival, Eminence Missouri in April 2006

Laurie Grundy hoping that a sweep of the photoshop magic can remove several (how many, Laurie?) years!


Laurie holding a piece of banjo magic, "Flowers" - a latest Grundy banjo exhibited and successfully sold at IBMA in USA this year

The Davidson Bros with Peter Cooper on guitar and Mark Webber on bass- actually Redlands 2006

Kate Kelly with guitar

Alan Funk with one of his White Swallow Banjos

Wendy and Lenny doing a spot in SA

Happy pickers from SA

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